It started as a passion project. When I was in school in 2018, I did some work for a few friends who were small business owners. They were all doing something with a positive social impact and being around their work and energy rejuvenated me.

What I noticed was these small business owners were savvy in digital marketing, they had Instagram game, understood the importance of having email marketing, wanted to be running ads. Entrepreneurs often must take care of everything themselves and end up becoming a j-of-all-trades. The limitation then becomes the time to do it all and the depth of expertise needed as they grow.

At first, I was doing the work for free to gain and diversify my marketing experience. Meeting new people who inspired me with what they were doing made me realize that THIS was what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with new clients, but it wasn’t possible on top of school and a full-time job.

That’s when the idea of starting my own small business began to take root. What I wanted to be able to do was provide AFFORDABLE marketing services to small businesses. Marketing firms are often outside of the budget and hiring someone might not be practical either. This was what inspired how I work: custom services for every client and a set number of hours per month to fit a budget.

But would people pay me after I had offered my services for free?

All I could do was try!

Fortunately, I was connected to people who understood the value of supporting small (and women-owned) businesses in their community and WANTED to pay me! I even did a little crowdfunding to get me off the ground and was overwhelmed by the support of my family and friends.

I’m continuing to meet new folks doing cool things in our Toronto community! My business is growing, and just this year it evolved from a side-hustle into a part-time gig. Eventually my dream is to pursue a balanced life as a Digital Marketing Specialist and an aerialist (think circus stuff).

So now that you know all about me – I would love to get to know you! Book a no-commitment, free, 45-minute Discovery Session.