Discovery Session

Is this you?

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Does marketing always end up on the bottom of your to-do list?

Do you wish you knew a bit more about SEO, Google Paid Search, Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Have you struggled to find affordable digital marketing services?

Are you always doing last minute planning for your social media, email marketing and/or ads?

If you are a small business or non-profit organization and this is you I can help.

What I Do…

I bring expertise, project management and marketing execution to your small business or non-profit. You’re already busy and you don’t need someone waiting around to be told what to do. Together we will co-create a marketing plan which I will then be responsible for working on, executing and updating with your approval.

Book a Discovery Call

It all starts with a free 45-minute Discovery Session. In it we will identify your pain points, opportunities and strategic priorities as well as any projects that have been on your mind.

“What do I get?”

✔️45 Minutes of one-on-one time with a digital marketing specialist who you can ask anything (that’s me!)
✔️At least 3 strategies that you can implement yourself to increase sales or other conversions
✔️An offer based on my recommendations that balances your business goals and your budget

 We can do it in person – or over the phone!


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